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Building the Student Teacher Engagement Monitor


During Microsoft's 2019 Hack for Good, I was part of the team that built the Student Teacher Engagement Monitor (STEM Chair), which is a classroom chair that is modified with pressure sensors and linked to display software to provide feedback on student's seat movement during instructional time to identify their optimal sitting position when they are engaged.


This system will notify the teacher and student when the student is not sitting within their established optimum range for personal engagement. This notification will guide the teacher and student to assess the level of engagement and the need for possible intervention and provide teachers with long-term aggregate group data.


The data will enable them to modify their instructional practice as needed to ensure students' learning engagement.

Project Timeline

July 2019





Studies show that student posture and movement can help determine if they are engaged in class. Movement and posture that is optimum for engagement can be determined at the beginning of class in the first five minutes. With the STEM Chair, students will be able to determine their optimum profile and be able to track engagement during class. 

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