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Stanford Women in Computer Science

As the President& Senior Advisor of Stanford Women in Computer Science (WiCS),  I oversaw 1,000 general members and 30+ board members across 10 teams. I was in charge of maintaining the organization's vision to empower & support the growing community of women in technology.

Timeline: October 2019 - Present

Skills: Figma, Social Media, Marketing, Logistics, Leadership, Project Management


Stanford Women in Computer Science (WiCS) is the premier student organization that is dedicated to empowering and supporting our community of women in technology. The club has over 1,000 general members and 40 executive board members. WiCS aims to strengthen the community of women in computer science, raise awareness of issues that women in the field face, and encourage professional development.

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Weekly Digest

Every week, WiCS Marketing compiles a list of relevant events within the WiCS community, external events, internship opportunities, and resources into one email. With over 1,500 subscribers, WiCS' weekly digest has effectively helped women in STEM fields become more aware of what our organization has to offer.

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WiCS Blog

To help women in computer science, not just at Stanford, learn more about the field, and raise awareness on issues we face in the industry, WiCS Marketing also manages WiCS' Medium account. Every two weeks, we publish a new article written by Stanford undergraduates that cover a wide range of topics, from internships to majors to major industry issues. The page has over 300 followers and over 30 articles to date. 

Social Media

To keep members engaged with our organization, we are very active on Instagram and Facebook. With over 2,000 followers total, we post about upcoming events, resources, and run social media campaigns to foster community. For instance, we ran a board member spotlight campaign, which allowed the general Stanford community to learn more about the organization and the people who run it.

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