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In Summer 2020, I worked with Refactr's Marketing Director to redesign the company's website to include an integrated blog and cybersecurity use cases with a clean design. The website was launched in November 2020.

Timeline: July 2020 - September 2020

Skills: Website Design, Figma


Refactr was a fast-paced startup that was growing very quickly. However, the website was outdated and was hard to navigate for potential clients. Customers had trouble identifying the product's use cases and resources they could look at to learn more about Refactr's platform.


The new Refactr website is designed to streamline the company's blog, resources, use cases, and community edition of the platform. 

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Thought Process

When redesigning this website, I kept a marketing and sales point of view. I wanted to ensure that the web pages would make it easier for clients to understand Refactr's product and learn more about the company. To solve this, I mocked up an MVP in Figma of some of the basic features that I wanted to implement in the final website design.

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After conducting web research, I realized that portraying news articles with images in block formå attracted more readers, so I wanted to incorporate that into our blog page. I added tags to help readers filter out certain topics. I thought it would be good to add a featured article to draw attention to major announcements and news in the company. 

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Use Cases

To help clients easily understand why Refactr's platform is necessary, I clearly outline some popular use cases and scenarios from the company's previous clients in different sections on the "Use Cases" page.

When users click into a specific use case, such as "Compliance," they can learn more about that issue and where Refactr comes into play. Users can also read more about clients that have used Refactr for that specific use case.

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