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Sophos (prev. Refactr)

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As Refactr's Technical Marketing Intern, I worked with the startup's Marketing Director to provide support on a variety of content to elevate its enterprise DevSecOps platform, such as managing social media accounts,and writing technical blog posts.

Timeline: July 2020 - December 2020

Skills: Figma, Canva, User Research, Social Media, Marketing Research, Technical Writing


Refactr is empowering cybersecurity to collaboratively operate at the speed of DevOps. Refactr utilizes CI/CD for cybersecurity that covers all users' unique use cases and enables secure and collaborative DevSecOps automation. 

During my technical marketing internship at Refactr, I spent a large portion of it thinking of new social media campaigns for the company's LinkedIn and Twitter—I believe that social media is the gateway for potential clients to learn about the company and determine its legitimacy and reliability. 

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Word of the Week

The first campaign that I devised was "Word of the Week." DevSecOps is relatively new and many people are learning the terms and the complexity of the field. With this social media campaign, it introduces complex technical terms in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Life at Refactr

In addition, I also designed Life@Refactr, a social media campaign that aims to introduce LinkedIn users to the company's mission, founders, and employees. This will be published during the next hiring cycle to attract potential new employees. The campaign contains founder bios, founders' viewpoints, culture posts, and employee testimonials.

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Technical Writing

To raise awareness about the startup and its mission to simplify security automation, I ghostwrote a blog post under one of the co-founders. It discusses the usage of Conway's Law in the cybersecurity sector. It was published on in September 2020. 

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