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PerfectChinese is a resource website that allows any students at any level to find Mandarin Chinese curriculum, such as dialogues and recordings, to help them exceed at the language. In addition, I led the website’s tutoring program and donated all proceeds to the Edmonds-Woodway High School Chinese Club.

Timeline: July 2016 - June 2019

Skills: User Research, Website Design, HTML/CSS


When my friends in high school signed up for Mandarin Chinese in high school, they also found it to be interesting but very challenging. Most of my peers had the same concerns and struggles about Chinese: they did not understand the different Chinese tone markings and how to correctly write Chinese characters. As the year progressed, more and more people asked me for tutoring help. However, I did not have an organized and simple way to reach everyone and help them succeed in learning the language. 


I began to look for a more accessible way to help as many people who were passionate and curious about learning the language. I began to self-teach how to code and create user-friendly interfaces. Six months later, I designed and launched PerfectChinese. PerfectChinese provides students with four levels of complete curriculum that cover the basic fundamentals of the Mandarin Chinese language. Within each level, there are four units, which contain two lessons with dialogues, recordings, and vocabulary.

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Knowing a wide range of vocabulary allows students to improve reading comprehension skills and language development. Through Quizlet flashcards by PerfectChinese, students can track their progress in every lesson and practice as many times as they want until they master a vocabulary list. Learning Chinese characters has never been easier.


PerfectChinese provides Better Chinese's Modern Chinese's Simplified Chinese dialogues, accompanied by Pinyin transcript and English translation. These three forms have been proven to help students better understand each lesson and see how native Chinese speakers communicate with each other. Because these dialogues are online, students are able to access the dialogues anytime, anywhere.

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Students tend to struggle with mastering and understanding Chinese. Not many have access to fluent speakers at their fingertips. PerfectChinese provides recordings for every lesson so that you can listen to authentic and accurate Chinese speakers as many times as needed to perfect your tone and better understand the language.

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